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Thanks for setting up the back up dial up Internet connection, when the phone cable was cut in the street recently , I was able to go to another phone and get on the internet.

K. W

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N. H. -

Work Carried out :

Installation of security cameras and a recording system along with access to view the live feed on PC’s and remotely on phones across two states.

Our Business has depots in two states, in the Sydney office there was no way to know if there were security issues or not. Sometime the Sydney office manager is away fromĀ  the office andĀ  there was a requirement to be able to know in real time if the office was secure.

With the setup of security cameras, information can be provided to both myself and the Production Manager in real time from either state, Victoria or NSW. We can also view past events remotely.

A few months down the line i still find that Excellence IT’s solution and implementation of this technology has been tremendous, everything that has been installed, has been trouble free.

I always find that the service provided by Excellence IT is Excellent.