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Excellence IT is a professional level service provider that provides reliable IT setup, support and managed services to businesses in Australia. To learn more about us click here.


Thanks for setting up the back up dial up Internet connection, when the phone cable was cut in the street recently , I was able to go to another phone and get on the internet.

K. W

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Our Story

Excellence IT has a history from humble backgrounds. The company started with an idea and ambition – from a desk in our Founder’s garage. Since then, our company has moved leaps and bounds to now have the privilege of being multinational with 3 offices across Australia.

When we started our service offerings in 2006, we provided Onsite technical support as our key service. It was a traditionally tried and tested method – that allowed for focused attention on individual issues while allowing us to learn and grow with new technology.

Our team gradually grew bigger and stronger, allowing us to take on more projects with exciting prospects and new technologies. We spent hours and days in research and development to build a tool set that would allow us to provide our customers with seamless support. Today with the inquisitive nature of our amazing technicians, and their strong technical skills, our organization is successfully partnered with and certified by a number of hardware and software providers in the industry. We constantly provide reliable and successful solutions to our customers, and through this
our strong industry partnerships enable us to provide exclusive and unique solutions.

With our support services, our presence in the IT marketplace now also allows us to reach and support a large number of customers locally and remotely through Australia. Our office is equipped with tools and technology that provide us with the ability to support customers while laying the foundation for our growth and development in the future.

The team at Excellence IT is constantly evolving with new technologies and project strategies. We welcome you to join us through our future. Click here to contact us for more information on how we can help your business.