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IT Maintenance

Managing IT is often left as the last priority. This can include seeing to updates, ironing out bugs,
keeping all systems up to date and working together.

Often your systems appear to be running smoothly while these backlogged updates and unresolved bugs are causing problems in the background and degrading the systems. This has even come down to new additions not being properly synchronized to the rest of your systems. These eventually result in a major glitch that stop your staff from being able to continue to use their systems.

The usual practice is for the business to then call in the IT support. By this time more damage can be done, costing you more money to correct and taking more time away from production. To eradicate this effect and ensure that your costs are always kept within check, we perform regular checks and maintenance that aim to prevent and identify issues of degradation to your IT infrastructure. This service is an on going service delivered at an extremely cost effective rate. Maintenance enables us to provide you with a detailed understanding of what is currently working well, and what on your network is not working at optimal rates – taking into consideration newer software and increased processes that the older devices may not always cope that well with.

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