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Many companies now have:

  • Remote business units.
  • Rotating staff units.
  • Users working in a business where their activities are performed on applications hosted
    on the Cloud.

It takes a large infrastructure to support these virtual environments behind the scenes especially if you want to ensure high uptime (high availability) and reliability.

The Cloud Services at Excellence IT are designed and delivered to fulfil these needs and solve these problems. They are structured to each specific requirement and are built to ensure that our customers enjoy the performance and functionality that they expect. As you grow and expand, requiring more resources, you will find that we have developed your Cloud set up for easy expansion, (upgradation).

With the advent of cloud services, equipment that operated in your environment was able to be moved to a highly secure and reliable online infrastructure to run services or applications. While you have the peace of mind that you have a more robust setup, the costs of hardware maintenance and upgrades have been taken away.

At Excellence IT, our Cloud hosting services are designed to cater to Domain Hosting, Website Hosting, Exchange services, and we also offer Virtual Private Servers and Virtual Dedicated Servers for custom or dedicated use.

Another key area of the Cloud Services at Excellence IT is the ability to collaborate – this are especially beneficial for companies where individuals are mobile and require frequent and constant access to data remotely. In this area, Excellence IT has been quite prominent in providing solutions that enable business performance, reduce the requirement and cost of physical devices onsite and improve flexibility of having effective workspaces.

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