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About The Founder

Keith’s passion for technology started in his early years of high school. At the time the school did not have an established IT set up and no set system for maintenance so he helped with some aspects of the support through self-learning and a keen interest in the area of computers and technology. From this interest grew a passion, causing him to start his first business at the early age of 14; here he started to look at the high costs for students to purchase floppy disks and found a way to meet the demand in his school at about the third of the normal cost.

This experience gave Keith an understanding of not only the ways in which a good business could make the IT experience more affordable, but also taught him that a business requires not only the services and goods, but also streamlined logistics, partnerships with effective and affordable suppliers and an overall benefit to the customer has more value to the customer than any amount of time and money spent.

After graduating from school Keith helped out in a local computer store for families who needed computers at home, while self-training as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.
In his spare time he found himself also helping people in business with the best of breed products to meet their needs and knew that that there was a gap in providing more resources to help people to match their individual business requirements to the right kinds of equipment and software. Keith managed IT projects and developed compatible project outlines for Small to Medium Business as well as national companies and by early 1999, this grew into a business.

The business was very quickly augmented with professional partnerships allowing the business’s customers to access high quality services and features at an economical price. Professional IT consulting services complemented all the other actions that the business was taking on behalf of its clients and Keith achieved major partnerships with vendors and suppliers including:

  • Gold partnership with Microsoft
  • Intel Gold Partner
  • 3CX Partner
  • Lenovo Business Partner
  • HP Developer and Solution Provider
  • IBM Business Partner

In addition there is many good, long standing associations across the IT sphere with hardware and software suppliers that are providing the latest in technologies.

Keith’s vision for Excellence IT is understanding what is going to be released in the future or what is in the very early stages of release so that Excellence IT’s core Technical team can train and certify with a view of what is going to be incorporated into mainstream products. The business is able to use that information to better service its customers by planning for those technologies and offering ways of future-proofing their businesses.
Keith has over 27 years of extensive IT industry experience and has earned a strong reputation for enabling the productivity of companies.

This has come about through Keith’s strong drive to deliver efficient and practical solutions and combines with his years of experience, enabled him to work with business of all sizes, from small, medium and all the way up to large multi-national corporations.

It is this instinctive trait for IT solutions that are adapted and acclimatized for businesses of varying sizes and types that makes Keith and Excellence IT a wealth of experience and skill able to select the optimum products, resources and services for its clients businesses today.

About The Founder