Security and privacy policy

  1.  Internet Privacy Policy
     The internet privacy policy can be read online here: http://excellenceit.com.au/internet-privacy-policy
  2. Data Privacy Policy
    The data privacy policy can be read online here: http://excellenceit.com.au/data-privacy-policy
  3. Backup Systems Terms and Conditions
    The terms and conditions of the backup systems can be read online here: http://excellenceit.com.au/backup-systems-tc-policy
  4. Service Disclosure Agreement Including Terms and Conditions
    The service disclosure agreement including terms and conditions can be read online here: http://excellenceit.com.au/services-disclosure-tc

About Excellence IT

As we provide a service in Information Technology, we are constantly aware of how quickly advancements can change the way things are done.

Each and every day we find:

  • Something new is unveiled,
  • A previous model  updated,
  • A new way of doing something is made known,
  • A free software update is released,
  • An older product becomes discontinued,
  • A new technology becomes more affordable,
  • A new idea is demonstrated.

Because we have such a good & long standing history with the top manufacturers & distributors of products (and services), we find out about the latest and greatest advances quite sometime before they become commonly known about & understood.

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