On a number of occasions we have been asked to integrate various parts of a business’s IT, or we have needed to create various forms of communications and IT infrastructure where no networked infrastructure had previously existed. To ensure this is expertly implemented in the smoothest manner with minimum downtime, we operate the task as a project.

An Excellence IT project takes into account the overall result and how it could be achieved. We plan out each part of the process & schedule each part of the task in its correct sequence.

We manage directly any of the service providers (phone companies, data providers etc).
Our project will take into account any interruptions that can be experienced when multiple other parties are involved and how to avoid them should they arise.

Below, at the bottom of this page, you will see some examples of the expertly managed projects we have completed.

Because of our diverse areas of experience, when we create and carry out a project, each step of the project is carried out directly by one of our staff. In nearly all cases, we are not sub contracting the work out to other forms of IT providers. 

We can develop projects from scratch - you don't need anything in place for us to get started. Excellence IT has been successfully implementing major projects of this nature for over 6 years.

We have been able to do this as we have a massive amount of experience in the business processes as well as our training and experience in:
•    Servers
•    Hosting
•    Security
•    Web Site
•    Virtualisation
•    Work stations
•    Phone Systems
•    Remote Access
•    Back up solutions
•    Mobile data access
•    Data storage and retrieval
•    And accessories connected with work station computers

A project is defined as a large or major undertaking, especially one involving considerable finance, personnel and equipment. Our projects take into account all these vital considerations.

Excellence IT will manage the process by studying the current design & operation. We work with our clients on a new design and development, in detail.

We understand the requirements for new computer-based network and information systems which include:
•    inspection and analysis
•    design
•    Implementation
•    change management
•     support
•    ongoing support and administration once the project is complete.


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