IT security has become an important item for businesses to ensure that they are fully protected, as computers and other devices used by these businesses are now connected to the internet 24 hours a day.

Information such as client lists, supplier’s lists and the processes a business will take to provide its products and services, form the intellectual property that need to be accessed by its trusted employees and outside contractors.

At the same time any business must be fully protected from the ever-increasing threats from unauthorised parties both in and outside the organization.

The security of a business’s networks and the integrity of a business’s data are handled expertly at Excellence IT with our experienced security solutions.

We utilise various products and services customised to the requirements of a business using the latest in technology from Cisco, Cyberoam, Eset, Microsoft, and more.

Examples of solutions:  What does this do?
 Firewall  A firewall protects your network from unauthorised access.
(Virtual Private Networks)

A VPN allows remote users to connect to and use the office network and resources as part of that network with a secure connection over the internet.

A VPN also allows separate offices to connect in to the main office and use the resources as if they were in the same building even though they might be thousands of kilometres (or more!) away.

 Wireless Network Security Excellence IT can secure your wireless network infrastructure to be the highest configuration with optional services such as encryption & authentication to ensure only authorised contacts can access and use the wireless network infrastructure.
 Antivirus Products Antivirus products protect your systems from programs that are capable of and designed to reproduce and cause great harm to files or other programs on a computer or network.
 Antispam Products Antispam products protect your systems from the abuse of electronic messaging systems receiving and sending unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately.
 Antitrojan Products Antitrojan Products protect your systems from programs that appear desirable but actually contain something harmful. The contents of a trojan can be a virus or program granting another party remote access and control of a system or network.
 Reports and Inspections Excellence IT will examine your systems and prepare a detailed report about your network infrastructure and point out areas that could be exploited by an external party and suggest any improvements that may be required.


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