What is a UPS?

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Have Excellence IT install a UPS in your home or business and protect yourself from:

  • Power Surges
  • Components being damaged
  • Loosing data
  • Loosing E-mails
  • Total loss of computer &
  • Network

What is a UPS?
A UPS is an Uninterrupted Power Supply. It is in some ways a big battery that has evolved into a personal protector called the On-line UPS. This type of UPS is looking out for your equipment 24/7. It does this by running the power from your home or business through its battery and  inverter and feeding it to your equipent at a consistent voltage. What this means is if you have a brown out (a reduction or cut back in electrical power) the UPS will increase the voltage and if you have a power surge the UPS will absorb it while keeping a consistent voltage. Lastly, they are a battery that will tell your computer to shutdown safely if you have a complete loss of power or give you enough time to switch over to a generator.


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