How to choose your I.T. Consultant

Working in the I.T. industry we are constantly aware of how quickly advancement can change the way things are done.

The I.T. set up and support for your whole business should be managed by a group who can provide you with experts in a wide range of areas.

They should be more  than just experts in their own I.T. specialities, they should be able to:

  • Speak in a language you can understand
  • Know how all the parts of your IT set up integrate with each other
  • Understand the development of I.T. well enough to know how to steer your I.T. set up towards the future
  • Plan and set up a system that will cope with immediate expansion.

How do you know you can trust your I.T. consultant.

Too many times see a business that started out with an I.T technician who only knows his own I.T. speciality. Sadly, this often leads to disappointment when that part of the I.T. set up does not work with a new I.T. addition or when new technology is being released.

THIS, coupled with a technician who has a complete lack of understanding regarding the flow of business communication, supply, demand and cash-flow; can result in a mess of different software updates, workstations that don’t talk to each other, servers that are overused, data that is not really backed up and security that was out of date before it was used.

Your I.T consultants need to know what you want improved IN YOUR BUSINESS by the IT set up that is implemented. An inspection and audit of your systems may be required. Depending on the size of your business and the age of your systems, this may require some payment.

However, the report you are provided with should be explained to you so that you understand it. It should show you how your set up is assisting sections of your business and/or holding back sections of your business.

The solutions that are suggested to you are part of the report, should be personalized for your business and should take the I.T. off your hands.

As your business will work towards various I.T. solutions, any I.T. support group you engage should be able to provide technicians with differing specialities and experience. You also need to know that you are working with business professionals with IT specialities.

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About Excellence IT

As we provide a service in Information Technology, we are constantly aware of how quickly advancements can change the way things are done.

Each and every day we find:

  • Something new is unveiled,
  • A previous model  updated,
  • A new way of doing something is made known,
  • A free software update is released,
  • An older product becomes discontinued,
  • A new technology becomes more affordable,
  • A new idea is demonstrated.

Because we have such a good & long standing history with the top manufacturers & distributors of products (and services), we find out about the latest and greatest advances quite sometime before they become commonly known about & understood.

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