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Excellence IT -  Server, Hosting, Security, Networking, Work stations, Phone systems, Remote access, Mobile data access, 24 hour auto monitoring , Data storage, retrieval, work stations, Websites,E-commerce, Content Management, Flash, Custom Web Applications
For the environment and our future 

Excellence IT StandExpo

Excellence IT  attended the Australian Business And IT Expo, in both Sydney and Melbourne this year. The events were well attended and are becoming more and more popular. Excellence IT was able to demonstrate to a number of business owners that there are advanced solutions to speed up many aspects of IT, while using less fuel and saving for the future of our environment.

Dear Clients,
There have been some changes and additions to our technical department over recent weeks. I wanted to familiarise you with our current team.
Firstly we said a sad farewell to Nicolas Vaca who has moved on after 5 years with our team. We wish him all the best in his new path.
Praveen who has been with our team for over two and a half years has stepped up into the role of your lead technical support.
Following is a short message from him;

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1.Cloud Computing

YOU CAN DO MUCH MORE & OWN MUCH LESS with new CLOUD Computing services.
With our customized services you can also set the boundaries of where your data is located & who has access to your data.
New advancements in technology allow you to

  • Save On Computer Costs.
  • Own less hardware and software
  • Still be able to access all the benefits previously only available to those businesses that can make large investments in their infrastructure.

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2.Service and Support Agreements

Shortly after the inception of Excellence IT, we saw the need for proactive computer actions as opposed to only performing reactive measures.

Our ongoing customers signed up to be a part of our service & support agreements & very shortly after that they could see the benefits financially.

If you think about your car, you are being proactive by maintaining your car as opposed to having to suddenly pay a larger sum of money to urgently repair a major fault.

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Most people no longer have time to think or keep-up with the latest trends and changes. In contrast, our IT consultants are constantly keeping up to speed with all the latest developments in their field.
Excellence IT can provide smart, pragmatic, organised problem solvers who can adapt to what they find & deliver value. You get the benefits of their Insights into the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of change.

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4.Network Security Solutions

IT security has become vital as computers & other devices used within businesses are now connected to the internet 24 hours a day.
How can your business be fully protected from the ever-increasing threats from unauthorised parties both in & outside the organisation.
At Excellence IT we utilise various products & services customised to the requirements of a business using the latest in technology from Cisco, Cyberoam, Eset, Microsoft & more.

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